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We are the people we are the lab


It is our belief that best results are achieved by cooperation and good spirit. Hence, our lab is designed and managed in order to achieve a homey and friendly environment. 

Dr. Herman Houstein Head of lab


Phone: +972 (0)3 640 65 15  



Avishay Oved.jpg
Avishay Oved

M.Sc. with theses Researching of submerge jet flight with vortexes & impingement heat transfer

תמונת פרופיל עדו.jpeg
Ido Laufer, M.Sc. Lab Engineer

Ido holds a M.Sc. Material Engineering  from TAU and a B.SC. in Chemical Engineering from BGU. He supports all research aspects in a constant effort to enable the best research infrastructure.

Ido is also a martial arts therapist who workes with kids and teenagers.

Ben Uziel

M.Sc. with theses Researching of Micro bubble generation and capture, for medical applications

These great people started with us

Amir Gorodetsky
Barak Kashi

M.Sc. graduate. Researching of microchip cooling using flow obstructors

Post-Doctoral research fellow.

Currently conducts experimental and numerical research on Micro-Boiling phenomena.

Click here for publications list!

Sol Fine
Ron Harnik

M.Sc. graduate. Researching micro scale direct contact heat exchanges with multi-phase flow.

M.Sc. graduate. Researching single two phase jet  hydrodynamics and cooling

Rajesh Nimmagadda

Post-Doctoral research fellow

Topic: Experimental and Numerical Study on Boiling Heat Transfer under High Pressure

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